Jiangsu New Water Environmental Science & Technology Lo.,Ltd. Professional in environmental water treatment projects!
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New Water——Creating a Better Tomorrow for Environmental Protection!
About Us
      Jiangsu New Water Environmental Science & Technology Lo.,Ltd. is a professional company engaged in environmental protection, water treatment and ecological environmental protection and repair technology development and consultation, environmental protection, water treatment engineering design and contracting, environmental protection equipment integration, sales, installation, commissioning and environmental protection facilities trusteeship, operation.

      The company is located in Gaoyong Town, Yixing City, China International Environmental Protection Industry Development Zone, relying on close cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes, and constantly achieve technological innovation and breakthroughs. After years of development, the company has gradually formed a water supply and drainage treatment project as the leader, sewage treatment, water treatment equipment production……

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Technical support:013701534499
COPYRIGHT:Jiangsu New Water Environmental Science & Technology Lo.,Ltd. TEL:+86-0510-87833756、013861547990
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